Danzarín                              (Tango)  Guitar Solo                    
Milonguero Viejo                (Tango)  Guitar Solo 
Nunca Tuvo Novio               (Tango)  Guitar Solo 
Pavadita                               (Tango)  Guitar Solo 
Mañanitas de Montmartre    (Tango)  Guitar Solo 
Odeon                                  (Choro)  Guitar Solo 
Papel de Plata                     (Huayno)  Guitar Solo 
El Cuarto de Tula                 (Cuban Son)  Guitar Solo 


Africa - Toto // Guitar Solo      
Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil // Guitar solo
Every Breath You Take - The Police // Guitar solo
Owner of a lonely heart - The who // Guitar solo
She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Canibals // Guitar solo
Wiked Game - Chris Isack // Guitar solo

Got to get you in to my life - The Beatles // Guitar solo
I´m only sleeping - The Beatles // Guitar solo
If I needed someone - The Beatles // Guitar solo
Something - The Beatles // Guitar solo


The Pink Panther Theme // Guitar solo
He-Man Intro Theme // Guitar solo
McGiver Intro Theme // Guitar solo
Mario Bros. Theme // Guitar solo


La Dispute // Guitar solo
La valse d´Amelie // Guitar solo
Comptine d'um autre été // Guitar solo


Nessun Dorma
 // Guitar solo
Funiculi Funicula // Guitar solo
Something Stupid // Guitar solo

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